Brooke Sprowl

“Our central task in life is to unmask the hidden possibilities within our challenges and limitations.”

Brooke Sprowl is an author and industry-defining leader in psychology, spirituality, and personal transformation.

Integrity is

Integrity means we are living in alignment with our deepest values, highest possibilities, and unique expression. The embodiment of our integrity creates the conditions in which awakening naturally and inevitably arises.

“Awakening requires a relentless confrontation with our own annihilation, endlessly dying to our previous conception of who we were and being reborn to a truer, more vital, and more soulful self.”

Waking Up Podcast

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The Waking Up Podcast features the world’s foremost experts in psychology, philosophy, spiritual awakening, and personal and collective transformation.

Be extraordinary.

Only by fully embracing our humanity, can we transcend our ordinary capacities. When we live in a way that reflects the deepest truths within us, both light and dark, we continuously expand ourselves, our worldviews, and our sense of mastery.

“Transcendence is the unending and ever-deepening process of loving surrender to life.”


Who do you want to be?

“Admit your distant love affair is with yourself.”  -David Whyte It’s deeply ingrained in us to dream about what we want to have, do, and

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Intuition or intellect?

“Surrendering to our inner knowing, which is not always logical, yields fruit that is easeful, joyful, and beautiful even in the face of circumstances not

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why you should date emotionally unavailablE men: Use Your Unhealthy Relationships to Awaken

Your past is your superpower. Instead of feeling depressed, trapped, or lost in your past, leverage it to free you. Only then will you find real, lasting love from someone who truly is worthy of your heart.

Who do you want to be?

Character refinement is the meta-process we use to approach the set of experiences we face in life, determining how we interpret and respond to our circumstances and shaping nearly every element of our lives. That’s why, in a very real way, character is destiny.

An unrelenting commitment to character refinement is the most important factor in determining the quality and course of our lives.

Our Retreat in Costa Rica

Integrity as Awakening: The Magic of Personal and Collective Emergence

Join our transformational retreat at the world renowned Blue Spirit Resort in Nosara, Costa Rica.

Every obstacle is an invitation into greater liberation.

Our Companies

My LA Therapy

My LA Therapy is a concierge, holistic therapy practice specializing in anxiety, trauma, relationships, spirituality, and functional medicine. Integrating cutting-edge, research-based modalities, our team offers individual, couples, and family therapy for those who wish to cultivate greater resiliency, awareness, and vitality to become more empowered, awake, and alive.

My Truest North

My Truest North is an elite consultancy specializing in regenerative business consulting, business coaching, peak performance and flow neuroscience coaching, and evidence-based therapy, for mission-driven entrepreneurs and leaders seeking spiritual awakening, self-discovery, and higher purpose in service of personal and collective transformation.

About Brooke

Brooke’s Story

Reckoning with life’s deepest questions through the lens of my own struggles and limitations has been the greatest source of deepening my intuitive knowing, aliveness, and spiritual awareness. So often we believe our problems prevent us from becoming who we want to be. But when we shift our mindset, we begin to understand that every seeming problem is an opportunity for inner expansion.

Awakening is not a fixed arrival point, but a moment to moment dance between our highest possibilities, and that within us which is capable of holding our flawed humanity with deep love, reverence, and humility.

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