Brooke Sprowl

How to Cultivate Childlike Wonder, Laughter, & Play


“The trick is to grow up without growing old.” -Casey Stengel In every area of life, play is an extension of mastery. Guitarists who have mastered an instrument can playfully and effortlessly improvise.  Athletes who master a sport can play with simultaneous ease and focus.  Dancers can move with true playfulness when at the top […]

Are you playing the infinite game?


“We have it in our power to begin the world over again.” -Thomas Paine To the extent that each of us looks in the mirror honestly and does our own inner work steadfastly, we begin to change the culture.  As we do this together, we have the power to shift the collective consciousness and affect […]

How to Leave the Matrix


If you’re reading this you probably already know, your inner revolution will not be televised. But in so many ways, even those of us on the path are still the products of our cultural programming. Our ideational landscape, our media, and everyone around us are loudly and constantly broadcasting their conditioned beliefs about reality.  Amidst […]

Why opposites hold the key to mental freedom


We are conditioned to split the world in two, perceiving everything as separate rather than unified. Rarely do we realize that is actually a frame—a conditioned perception—and not objective reality. The tendency to falsely dichotomize the world can interfere with our ability to navigate effectively because we are using “either or” thinking to explore a […]

How higher purpose accelerates personal transformation


“Fully alive and deeply committed is a risky business. Once you strip away the platitudes, a life of passion and purpose will always cost, as T. S. Eliot reminds us, ‘Not less than everything.’” -Steven Kotler  Before I jumped on a call with a marketing expert Colin Scotland to tackle the *exhilarating* topic of marketing […]

How to deprogram cultural messages and transform your mindset


What is closest to us is often most invisible: proverbially, a fish doesn’t know what water is.  Cultural programming is like that. It’s so close we don’t see it.  In other words, we are so deeply conditioned by our cultural messages that we are often unaware of how they frame our inner and outer experience. […]

Spiritual Awakening and Transformational Practices


What wants to happen? I love that question—that it can be asked in any moment if we just let go of the busyness of the mind, and we ask: What’s emerging here? -Leon Vanderpol What wants to happen? There is an act of faith woven into the question—a surrender to the spirit and life force […]

Why Character is Destiny


Every obstacle is an invitation into greater liberation. -Brooke Sprowl Character refinement is the meta-process we use to approach the set of experiences we face in life, determining nearly every aspect of how we interpret and respond to what happens to us.  As we allow our character to be refined by what we learn, we gradually […]

How to Become Antifragile


Our central task in life is to unmask the hidden possibilities within our challenges and limitations. -Brooke Sprowl As Wayne Dyer said, “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”  Consequently, when the things you look at change, it also changes the way you look at things. This is […]