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Psychotherapist, entrepreneur, and author Brooke Sprowl interviews the foremost experts on self-discovery, psychology, spirituality, creativity, peak performance, cognitive science, philosophy, effective altruism, and personal and collective transformation.

Brooke draws from her rich, cross-disciplinary experience in self-transformation and psychology as she engages in emergent conversations with some of the greatest minds of our time.

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Insightful and refreshing, grounded and inspiring, I love the way On Living ties together spirituality and psychology seamlessly in a way that provides substantive insights I can use in my daily life.
- Annabelle E.
Love this show. It’s both cerebral and down-to-earth. Brooke is very open about her own struggles and personal experiences in a way that makes her insights into psychological theories more accessible and interesting. Highly recommend!
- John S.

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