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Coherence Theory

What is coherence theory?

Coherence Theory is a psychospiritual model that maps the principles for individual and collective transformation. According to Coherence Theory, as we bring each domain of our lives into integrity, balance, and wholeness, the combinatory power stacks to create accelerated transformation, ushering in emergent states of consciousness and individual and collective capacities beyond what is ordinarily possible.


Coherence is a state of integrity, balance, and wholeness in any given domain of life. Coherence Theory outlines the principles of self, behavioral, relational, and missional coherence. Coherence stacks. Coherence in one area of life exerts a gravitational pull on other areas, gradually drawing us into self-reinforcing states of accelerated transformation.


As we bring more than one area of our lives into coherence simultaneously, latent spiritual, creative, and transformative energy arises naturally. Transcendence refers to the unexpected phenomena that flow naturally from coherence across multiple domains.

If you look at the coherence diagrams above, you can see how the combination of the two inner circles of coherence matrix combine to become the outer circles of the transcendence matrixes below. 

Spiritual & Societal Actualization

Just as coherence stacks and combines to create emergent states, transcendence stacks across domains to create actualization. As with coherence and emergence, the intersections of the inner circles of emergence combine to create the outer circles of actualization.

Collective Actualization

Collective actualization is a state in which all domains of coherence, transcendence, and actualization intersect. This state is self-sustaining, self-transforming, and self-arising from the underlying principles of coherence and emergence.

So what?

We use coherence theory to chart a practical course for individuals, organizations, and societies to awaken through integrity. Using the principles of Emergence Theory, we offer everything from regenerative business consultancy through My Truest North to holistic therapy services through My LA Therapy to our transformational retreat Integrity as Awakening: The Magic of Personal and Collective Emergence.

Learn more about our retreats and sister companies that use Emergence Theory to inform their work below.

Our Companies

My LA Therapy

My LA Therapy is a concierge, holistic therapy practice specializing in anxiety, trauma, relationships, spirituality, and functional medicine. Integrating cutting-edge, research-based modalities, our team offers individual, couples, and family therapy for those who wish to cultivate greater resiliency, awareness, and vitality to become more empowered, awake, and alive.

My Truest North

My Truest North is an elite consultancy specializing in regenerative business consulting, business coaching, peak performance and flow neuroscience coaching, and evidence-based therapy, for mission-driven entrepreneurs and leaders seeking spiritual awakening, self-discovery, and higher purpose in service of personal and collective transformation.

Waking Up Podcast

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The Waking Up Podcast features the world’s foremost experts in psychology, philosophy, spiritual awakening, and personal and collective transformation.

Our Retreat in Costa Rica

Integrity as Awakening: The Magic of Personal and Collective Emergence

Join our transformational retreat at the world renowned Blue Spirit Resort in Nosara, Costa Rica.

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